Currently there is no affordable, simple to use franchise CRM system on the market. We decided to fix that gap. Meet Franchise Hive CRM.

Overwhelmed with the flow of franchise leads?

Need to run a sales activity report for the meeting?

Need to pull up prospect’s information while traveling?


Easy Setup

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Only takes a few minutes to register. Have franchise CRM system configured. Start managing franchise leads.

Simple Integration

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Consolidate franchise leads from different sources. CRM works with all franchise portals for lead generation.


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There is no limit on the number of users and franchise prospects. No more monthly bills and sharing logins to save on license costs.

Unlike other franchise management software products on the market, Franchise Hive CRM is focused on one main objective. To help franchise development teams and franchise consultants to manage franchise recruitment processes in real time.

Our understanding of the franchise market, the sales process, working with franchisees and franchisors from several franchise brands helped us to create the system that can be a good fit for many organizations.

From lead generation to moving franchise candidates through the sales funnel resulting in discovery days and signing the franchise agreements, our franchise system helps to manage franchise opportunities full circle.

Cost is one of the major factors that stops franchise organizations, brokers and business consultants from investing in franchise CRM systems. We eliminated that issue and provide free franchise CRM.

Do you have a trial plan?

No. Our Franchise Hive CRM is FREE to use, you can create an account anytime.

Do I need to install anything on my computer in order to use Franchise Hive CRM?

No. Everything is online, we take care of all technical things. 

Can I access CRM on mobile phone?

Yes. This is the best part, you can manage sales on the go. 

How secure is your system?

Our security team is working on guarding your data. This is one less thing for you to worry about.

How to send leads from franchise portals and lead generation companies to Franchise Hive CRM?

We made this process very simple. Just follow the tutorial after you create an account.

Can I manage several companies under one account?

Yes. Although we suggest creating separate account for each franchise organization, especially for the purpose of the reporting.

Are you working on new features?

Yes. Our system is built based on requests from franchise sales professionals. We are open for suggestions to make our CRM better. Join our Facebook Group to provide feedback and suggestions.

How can I get technical support?

To keep our costs low we offer technical support through email: and also answer questions through our Facebook Group.